Mind the Evil Squirrel

It’s not often that a music video comes along these days which makes you shout, ‘jumping jehosaphat, how’d they do that?!’  London animation outfit Shynola have made such a video with the cinema-release-only music video for Coldplay’s ‘Strawberry Swing’.  Shynola animated meticulously hand-drawn chalk drawings on the floor around the real life Chris Martin, as he quests to save a (chalk) damsel from the attentions of a villainous squirrel.

Richard Kentworthy of Shynola said in a recent interview, “we are not particularly interested in making or watching slick animation. We are attracted to the more unusual uses of it, and the inherent charm that something hand-crafted has.”

The whimsical, dream-like animation certainly possesses the traditional, pastoral, slightly dark charm of classic nursery rhymes or  children’s stories, in keeping with the wistful, joyous tone of ‘Strawberry Swing’.

Here’s the vid:

And a few of my favourite stills, taken from the HD version of the video at babelgum.

Chris Martin wakes up…

Picture 1

“What’s that?! A Beautiful (Chalk) Damsel is in distress?”

Picture 3

Super Chris meets his arch nemesis, Evil Squirrel.

Picture 8

Flying over LA.

Chris Martin doing a headstand

Super Chris and the Evil Squirrel do battle.

Picture 15

Vive la Revolution!

Picture 34

Picture 52

Picture 57

Picture 62

True love’s kiss.

Picture 66

The Shynola team and Chris wrap up.

Picture 69


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