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19 October, 2009


Mulberry + Apple = range of leather Macbook and Ipod accessories.

Let the anticipatory salivation begin.

(Image of Ipod bag from

(Image of Ipod bag from the Guardian)

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3 October, 2009

Prep school

‘Preppy’ (short for ‘preparatory’) style originated during the 1960s from those elite New England schools of America and it’s never really gone away since. Countless fashion tribes, labels and socio-economic demographic groups the world over have adopted and created their own versions, or simply subverted preppy.

When I first visited Paris almost a decade ago, I was surprised that preppy (from casual to luxe and any other degree in between) was the style of choice for most of the city’s dwellers. Why was the flamboyance of the haute couture shows not reflected on the streets? When I got to know some Parisians, I began to understand that the city, where France’s political and economic power lie, was, for the most part, quite conservative. But the French, even while garbed simply, express their individuality, their taste, with little flourishes – an unexpected scarf fabric, a surprisingly heeled boot, a contrasting jacket detail. Minimalism is king in Paris, but minimalism with a subtle twist.

Shortly after, I discovered Parisian brand APC and its simple, beautifully constructed pieces.

It was love at first sight.

From Autumn/Winter 2009/10:

Picture 1

Picture 9

Picture 2

Picture 8

Picture 3

Picture 7

Picture 4

Picture 10

Picture 6

Picture 5

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2 October, 2009

I’m an Amish kindergarten lumberjack and I’m okay…

APC Madras Autumn/Winter 2009/10.  Part Scandinavian lumberjack.  Part 1970’s kindergarten mum.  A little bit Amish.  And French insouciance all through and through.  So much more lovely than Madras Spring/Summer 2009/10 which was all primary colours, monkey prints and romper suits. This season is truer to the main APC line.

Excitingly, I’ve discovered a lovely Melbourne store which stocks Madras.  Now all I have to do is work out my budget…

apc madras aw0910.v2

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