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27 June, 2010

Jacques-Henri Lartigue

I have a poster of this image stashed away somewhere, amongst the floatsam and jetsam of my London life, still lying in boxes stacked neatly and hidden away in my current, temporary home… just waiting for the time they will be unearthed, revealed and settled for once and all.

It’s a beautiful photo of Renée Perle, a Romanian model during the 1930s and a muse of photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue.

Image from here.

15 June, 2010

Bloomin’ and Cecil Beaton

Thinking about blooms brought the glorious opening credits of the 1964 film My Fair Lady to mind. Which then led my thoughts – naturally – onto the film’s product and costume designer, the fabulous Cecil Beaton.

Here he is photographing Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle for Vogue in 1964.

(Photo from here)

And two of Mr Beaton’s glorious shots:

(Photo from here)

(Photo from here)

27 May, 2010

Vee Speers

Her photograph series The Birthday Party shows what an eerie and mystical world children can (and probably do) inhabit.

See more here.

7 May, 2010

Gerda Taro

This woman is training for war, and wearing fabulous stacked heel oxfords while doing so.

Taken by Robert Capa‘s girlfriend Gerda Taro, who was killed tragically in 1937 at the age of 26 as she covered the Spanish Civil War.

Happy weekend, all – I’m off to Sydney for a wedding, a birthday and some warmer, brighter weather!

Image taken from here.

Republican militiawoman training on the beach outside Barcelona, August 1936

20 December, 2009

Je m’appelle N.

She’s fourteen, she’s from Hanoi and she shoots these magical, nostalgic, melancholy photos, redolent of humid, tropical rainy days, Wong Kar Wai’s Days of Being Wild and the smell of fresh papaya.

See her photostream here.