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25 October, 2010

A Respite

Busy-ness, so alien to me for a year or so, has raised her frantic head once.

Without doubt, work has been the main culprit, swallowing up huge swathes of my time of late. As has a new motivation to improve my fitness levels in the form of pilates and cycling. Long, extended hours at work and in a fitness studio have been compounded by a couple of interstate trips (one for business, one for pleasure).

I’ve been fighting the grey fog of exhaustion and lack of sleep for weeks now. It seems like years since I’ve had all the time in the world to read, draw, sleep in, reflect and dream.

But this weekend, I managed to do just a little of that.


24 October, 2010

Song o’the Week

Lascia ch’io pianga from George Federic Handel’s Rinaldo, performed by Cecilia Bartoli.

This is possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.  One doesn’t need to understand Italian to feel the love, the yearning, the sadness of the singer.  Who, as it turns out, is the princess Almirena, imprisoned by a witch intent on stealing Almirena’s lover Rinaldo.

Kitsch, Baroque sentimentality – which nevertheless, doesn’t diminish the beauty of the music.

I particularly love David Alden’s offbeat, hip, post-modern production for the Bavarian State Opera updates this fabulously, swapping the Jeruselam and the Holy Lands around the time of the Last Crusades for hip, designer interior piece-filled lairs, liberal use of the Union Jack and Alrmirene (soprano Dorothea Röschmann) encased Han Solo-style in sheet of ice, her flowing hair frozen upwards, her body immobilised, singing this wonderful aria.

10 October, 2010

Project: Bed

After just over two months of living it student/squatter-like on a mattress on the ground, I finally have a bed! There has been a lot of painting, sponging, drying, sanding, dusting, and yet more painting, sponging etc. to get the finish I was after. But I’m happy with the results. And it’s an absolute joy to be elevated for the night’s rest and to finally have my bedroom in order.  Oh, and my chair is standing in very nicely as a bedside table.



9 October, 2010


Happy seventieth birthday.


Thank you for your sublime music and lyrics and so many of my favourite tunes.

Especially this one.

5 October, 2010


I’ve realised that my last few posts have centered around flowers. Which was not artful, or purposeful or any kind of ‘-ful’, really. It’s just that lately, I’ve been quite bedazzled by all manner of spring gorgeousness (gorgeousities?) unfurling in our garden. The latest surprise – a hitherto lush green hedge has suddenly sprouted delicate white blossoms and is perfuming the little path to our front door wonderfully.

‘Tis jasmine!

2 October, 2010

A Rush of Pink

I had thought the sakura in our back garden was looking damn fine. But no. In the last couple of weeks, the tree in our front garden has exploded into pure, breathtaking, utter, pink gorgeousness, much to the delight of the bees (and the birds).  It’s a spectacular way to begin the morning walk to work and a wonderful sight when you return in the evening.