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29 April, 2012

Book Spine Poetry

Here’s my belated book spine poetry contribution:

Book by Book, by Michael Dirda

Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott

The Rest Is Noise, by Alex Ross.

See more book spine poetry here.

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29 February, 2012

The Joy of Books

This is lovely!

(With thanks to Untitled Books)

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30 December, 2011

Summer, Evelyn and Macarons

It’s summertime. And there’s nothing better than gadding about in the great urban outdoors, taking afternoon naps or putting up one’s feet and retiring with a book and the occasional snack.

Currently reading: Brideshead Revisited
Currently savouring: a home made pandan flavoured macaron

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20 December, 2011

That time of year again

Wow. The last year seems to have passed by in a flash.  Suddenly, it’s the week before Christmas.  Again.

As a practising (but struggling) minimalist, it’s a chance to lash out and purchase beautiful things for loved ones.

And to reflect on the year about to end, and the new one about to begin.

Not to mention an excuse to eat copious numbers of mince pies, enjoy bad music and pad about in pyjamas for elongated periods of time (joy!).  And get all sentimental and nostalgic with friends and family at home.

Merry Christmas and safe, happy holidays to all!


(Image from Charley Harper Colours)

4 December, 2011

What I Have Been Doing

Getting finger bunions and whittling down my ‘to read’ pile.

6 November, 2011


Immersed in Philip Hoare’s magnificent tribute to the Whale, I came across the phrase ‘the era of the Holocene has ended’.  I am not a life sciences student and curiosity piqued, I did a bit of digging.   According to scientists, the Holocene era has existed since 10,000 B.C. until now and has seen the extinction of many animals and plants, no doubt linked to the rise of humans.   It’s a melancholy concept and it is estimated that up to 14,000 species become extinct each year, not least the leviathan of the deep.

My search also led me to Bon Iver’s newish tracks, Holocene, from his latest eponymous album.

The highlight of the video is the starkly beautiful geo primeval landscapes of Iceland.

(book image from

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26 September, 2011

The Writer’s Wall

Rustic furniture. Typography. Writers. White wooden floors.


(with thanks to my ideal home)

23 July, 2011

A Space of One’s Own

It’s just over a year since I came to the Bush Capital.

A year when I’ve been finding… finding my feet, finding my voice and many other things I didn’t realise I’d lost or needed.

I’ve also found a space of my own. A couple of weeks ago, I moved into an apartment on my own. It is the apartment of a now ex-colleague who has headed off on a worldwide adventure of her own, but still nevertheless, my own space.

Whether by design or chance, she left this little book on her bookshelf. My ex-colleague (now landlord) is a jujitsu practitioner/buff.

It’s lovely way to tie this space to her.

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25 October, 2010

A Respite

Busy-ness, so alien to me for a year or so, has raised her frantic head once.

Without doubt, work has been the main culprit, swallowing up huge swathes of my time of late. As has a new motivation to improve my fitness levels in the form of pilates and cycling. Long, extended hours at work and in a fitness studio have been compounded by a couple of interstate trips (one for business, one for pleasure).

I’ve been fighting the grey fog of exhaustion and lack of sleep for weeks now. It seems like years since I’ve had all the time in the world to read, draw, sleep in, reflect and dream.

But this weekend, I managed to do just a little of that.


5 September, 2010

Wooden Box

I recently picked up this crusty, damp wooden box for a steal. I dried it out, treated it with wood cleaner and then stained it with some lovely Danish timber oil.

Now it houses some odds and ends, some bits and bobs.