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4 May, 2010

Rule Britannia

Wow, it’s May already.  And Britain goes to the polls in two days’ time.

What better way to celebrate a likely new Prime Minister, and the country which gave us Winston Churchill, the Westminster system of Parliament and Yes, Minister than with these fabulous Union Jack armchairs, one for m’lud and the other for m’lady.

I can’t decide which one I like better.

Armchairs from here.

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3 May, 2010


Rustic has always been a favourite word of mine.  It brings to mind images of French vineyards, rough-hewn benches and tables, laid out with peasant fare (slabs of cheese, hearty bread loaves, tomatoes straight from the vine, freshly creamed butter, strong wine and / or cider which smells like old socks and knocks you out for nought about five seconds after your first draught) and peopled by gap-toothed, sunburned, salt-of-the-earth… err… beret-sporting peasants (French maybe, or perhaps, Basque).

But enough indulgent stereotyping!

Greg Hatton makes beautiful, functional, modern and yes, rustic objects and landscapes from ‘reclaimed materials, found objects and introduced trees that cause land degradation.’ The last being a real problem in this country as trees like elms and poplars which are native to Europe or North America require more water than Australia’s drought-stricken environment can afford.

You can see more of his work here.