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6 November, 2012

School’s Out

Lots of sleep and general idleness.  Family and friends, old and new.  A spring wedding.  Quiet introspection and contemplation.  Watching, waiting, just being.  Savouring unscheduled, unstructured no-study freedom!  Good coffee.  Summer lightning.  Splashing through puddles.  Liberal lashings of Frédéric François, Mark Linkous and a touch of Paul and Art.  Hamstrung by my camera’s departure to that big electronic junk heap in the sky.  Paul Auster’s Leviathan and The New York Trilogy and Henry Miller’s Big Sur and the Oranges of Heironymous Bosch – all roads lead to Thoreau.  Thinking about lightness v heaviness and Milan Kundera.  Sloe gin cocktails.  Looking forward to the next Paul Thomas Anderson film.  Perservering with the guitar.