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4 July, 2012

Sloughing Off Old Skin

It’s been awhile in between posts. There has been a move back home to Melbourne (huzzah!) and a new job to get used to in the last month. And most excitingly, I have new studies commencing in a couple of weeks. So, even despite the depths of winter, there has been a metaphorical sloughing off of skin – the hard, unpleasant, greyish, gnarly bits.  Already I’m feeling practically new, freshly scrubbed and gleaming.

And then I saw Preen Resort’s 2013 collection; their deliciously modern florals and prints are definitely my ‘new skin’ of choice.


(photos from here)

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26 September, 2011

Carven S/S12

Minnie Mouse chic.  As seen by French fashion house Carven.


(Images from Carven)

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4 August, 2010


It’s out with the girl and in with the woman for the APC autumn 2011 collection. It’s all red lipstick, heels and a distinct Catherine Deneuve Belle du Jour vibe.


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1 July, 2010

Yes, please!

By gum, if I were to be saddled with a Kindle, I’d probably have to drop a pretty penny at Moleskine too.  They’re billing it as the ultimate analog-digital hybrid.  And somehow, I feel one’s head should be exploding at the concept (along the lines of  ‘Alien?! Predator?!  In one film?!’). But somehow, it all comes together with simple, effortless-looking, gorgeous lines (possibly unlike the movie).


Images (and cover) available from here.

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27 June, 2010

Jacques-Henri Lartigue

I have a poster of this image stashed away somewhere, amongst the floatsam and jetsam of my London life, still lying in boxes stacked neatly and hidden away in my current, temporary home… just waiting for the time they will be unearthed, revealed and settled for once and all.

It’s a beautiful photo of Renée Perle, a Romanian model during the 1930s and a muse of photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue.

Image from here.

20 June, 2010

That Haircut

One summer, during university, I cut my hair very, very short. I had just seen Godard’s À Bout De Souffle and I was inspired. And it was easy to manage, barely needed any shampoo or conditioner and I felt a hundred times lighter being freed from my thick, heavy hair.

One day, while I was straightening Loony Tunes t-shirts during a shift at what I can only describe as a horrifically awful gift store (a part-time job) I listened as a mother and her young son exchange words, and then money. Son wanted a t-shirt and Mum was going to buy one for him. “Go give the young gentleman the money,” she told him, giving him a note. He took it and then approached me, a little hesitantly.

I felt myself go a little red, but not as red as Mum when she realised that well – despite my short hair – I was very much female.

“Oh, sorry,” she said hurriedly.

I kept the haircut for awhile but eventually let it grow out. More for the fact that it needed constant, regular upkeep and the income from my casual university jobs didn’t stretch to that.

In any case, here are some images showcasing Ms Seberg’s immutable gamine cool and the haircut which inspired mine.

(The first four from here, the fourth from here and the last from here)

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15 June, 2010

Bloomin’ and Cecil Beaton

Thinking about blooms brought the glorious opening credits of the 1964 film My Fair Lady to mind. Which then led my thoughts – naturally – onto the film’s product and costume designer, the fabulous Cecil Beaton.

Here he is photographing Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle for Vogue in 1964.

(Photo from here)

And two of Mr Beaton’s glorious shots:

(Photo from here)

(Photo from here)

17 May, 2010

Dieppa Restrepo

Ankle-twisting footwear aside, for work, errands or lolling about the house, a girl needs stylish, elegant yet comfortable footwear.

For my next duvet day, I would like these please…

Photos from here.

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6 May, 2010

Florence Broadhurst

Ms Broadhurst was quite the gel.  A one-time singer, comedienne, painter, printmaker, teacher, businesswoman, arts academy director and general lady-about-town, she was murdered in Sydney during the 1970s.  The fact that her murderer has never been found adds a noir touch to a fabulous, full life.

Florence in Shanghai

(Image taken from here)

But design-wise, she is probably best known for putting Australia on the interiors map in the 1950s with her glamorous, modern wallpaper designs.  Good design never goes out of fashion or if it does, it soon cycles back.  After some decades in the wilderness, a recent revival has meant that her work is still beautifying interiors throughout the globe.

(Patterns from here, interior photos from here, here and here.)

14 February, 2010


Ahh, Toast Spring 2010.

I’ve got to get me to South America and/or Cuba for that dreamy, steamy, nostalgic, photographic vibe.

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