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30 April, 2010

Wine Country #2

More photos from the family outing to the Yarra Valley over Easter.  The late afternoon sun at this time of year gives photos a wonderful light.

Photos taken here and here.

Happy weekend!

29 April, 2010

Ibraheem Youssef

These are rather ace.

More from Canadian designer Ibraheem Youssef here.

28 April, 2010

My new favourite band

Like two buses arriving after a long absence, I’ve been inundated with fabulous new ear-bud titillating tunes.

Currently getting a hella lotta rotation on my turntable iTunes are The Middle East, from Townsville, Queensland.  It’s all ethereal, folksy, pastoral-tinged, nautical-referencing ditties replete with liberal lashings of Sigur Rós, Fleet Foxes, Beirut, Grizzly Bear and Mercury Rev.

The music video for their track ‘Blood’ is a real animated treat.

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27 April, 2010


Possibly not my most sensible purchase given the heel height of 4″ and the toe platform of 1.5″.

And in all honesty, I shall probably spend more time admiring them than actually taking them for a walk.

But given there is plenty of scope for shrewd, calm and level-headed decision-making elsewhere in life, a rational shoe, is a boring shoe.

Bring on the fabulous, the ridiculous and the potentially ankle-twisting footwear!

Clogs purchased from here (one of my favourite etsy stores).

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26 April, 2010

Ms Deschanel

She’s named for a J.D. Salinger novel, she was Trillian in the 2005 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy film and the rather unsympathetic eponymous character in (500) Days of Summer and she’s married to Death Cab for Cutie main man Ben Gibbard.

She can sing, she can dance, she has a wardrobe every self-respecting indie girl would kill for.  And she’s as cute as a button.

And, along with M.Ward as She & Him, she’s just released Volume Two, a second album of nostalgia-tinged pop songs.  Which features a lovely version of I Can Hear Music, my all-time favourite Beach Boys’ song.

Take it away, Zooey (and M.Ward)!

23 April, 2010

Perfect Day

Oh it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spent it with you

-Lou Reed

Probably not Mr Reed’s cup of tea but mine is taking advantage of Melbourne’s architectural gems, quaint streets and lo-fi laid-back bars…

…a film in art deco surroundings here.

…a wander, brunch and a cuppa along here.

…and then later, a few drinks with friends here with munchies from here. (Mmm, sweet potato gyoza!)

A girl couldn’t ask for more, really!

Happy weekend, all.

22 April, 2010

Stone and Wood

Liz Lemon said it best:

“I want to go to there.”

(From these chaps.)

21 April, 2010

Roller Derby!

Poodling (in forward and reverse).  Call offs.  Strategising that Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli would be proud of.  Goths, emos, grunge kids, indie kids, rockabillies and more sub-cultures than you can poke a stick at.

And tough girls in fishnets and roller skates, jamming and blocking, falling and sprawling.

All at an exhilarating Saturday night out at Roller Derby!

19 April, 2010

A Year Older

Funny.  I don’t feel it.  And haven’t felt it in years.

But here’s to another year where I’ve, hopefully, increased my understanding, patience, and wisdom.

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16 April, 2010

Wine Country

For the long Easter weekend, a long-lost branch of my family made their way to Melbourne to enjoy an Australian autumn, eat lots of food and rekindle familial ties.  On the bright, warm Sunday, we headed out to the Yarra Valley, one of Melbourne’s closest and most scenic wine districts, and stopped in here and here (amongst other places).  We ate, we drank, we revelled in the autumnal sunshine.  And enjoyed the golden leaves of the maple and the shade of the stout oak tree, a glorious contrast to the green-brown lacey intertwinings of the omnipresent eucalypt.

I also found some acorns.

More photos to come later.

Have a great weekend.