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13 October, 2013

George Harrison and Bob Dylan playing tennis (1969)

George Harrison and Bob Dylan playing tennis

Bob Dylan playing tennis (1969)

Tennis, the Beatles, Bob Dylan – three obsessions of mine at varying points of my life collide in these ace photos.

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14 August, 2010

Small Touches

Moving into a new place has its benefits and its downsides.

Not having a bed is a prime example of the latter. Not one to rush into such a purchase and hamstrung by Ikea’s absence in this part of the world, it took me a little bit of time to shop around, choose and order one. It has finally arrived, but it is undergoing a Project (more later) which will leave me on the mattress on the floor for goodly few weeks yet.

But it offers an opportunity for a fresh start decoration-wise.  And it doesn’t take much to turn a formerly anonymous space, into your own. Even if you are sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

I found the Letters of D.H. Lawrence and the old silk thread wooden spools in a vintage store in Canberra.  The spools are sitting on my makeshift dresser just because I find them pretty. The photo frames were a bargain at one of the bigger department stores in town.  All images and other books have been collected over the years.

A makeshift bedside table of books.

And another  makeshift bedside table ie. the floor.