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16 July, 2010

Homesickness (of sorts)

Entries for Transport for London‘s ‘Design London’s new skyline’ competition.

One runner up…

Another runner up…

And the winner…

(Images from here)

11 July, 2010

Une Année

Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

~Terry Pratchett in A Hat Full of Sky

Only late tonight did I realise it has been a year to a day since I arrived in Melbourne after 7.5 years in London.  Odd, and mildly disconcerting how the 365 days have flown by since that jetlagged funk of a day.  Any regrets? plenty of people have asked.  None, I can still say, despite a somewhat rocky re-entry into life back where I started.  Save the friends which I left in London.

It has primarily been a year of internal and external realisation, reconnection and recalibration.  Knitting together my disparate Melbourne and London lives has been an involved, necessary process.

And now the road has opened up once again, and is about to take me down an unexpected, but not wholly unwelcome path.

Life is pretty cool like that.

Sunset over Battersea Bridge, London, 2005