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3 October, 2011

Old Skool Photoshop

I remember the days…

(with thanks to withstyleandsubstance)

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30 November, 2009

Who woulda thunk it?

I logged into WordPress on Friday morning, thinking the name of my last post was a little clichéd and wanting to tweak it before it was read.  I was stunned to find that this little blog, which was getting a modest 3-4 hits a day (mostly from friends and family and searchers after ‘liberty’ and ‘ponyo’) had been hit 228 times overnight (and this number continued to climb over the next few days), all on account of the WordPress powers-that-be deciding that a two sentence post, and a few pictures of raucous Australian native birds with attitude was worthy of the WordPress front page.

Needless to say, I was chuffed.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and left lovely comments.

19 October, 2009


Mulberry + Apple = range of leather Macbook and Ipod accessories.

Let the anticipatory salivation begin.

(Image of Ipod bag from

(Image of Ipod bag from the Guardian)

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8 October, 2009


I’ve long been a WordPress devotee.  But lately, I’ve found that the websites I tend to surf and which, to some extent, I’d like to emulate, use Blogger.  So I began experimenting with Blogger (anyone interested can look at the results here).  Blogger certainly does allow for greater creativity in terms of layout, colour and font.  And it’s a cinch to include any cute, odd bits of html/java scipt you stumble across, such as your very own clock, or Adsense, to prettify (or ‘monetize’) your blog.

But the jury’s still out.  The WordPress interface seems less clunky (or perhaps I’m just more familiar with it).  And as for site monitoring, WordPress wins hand down.  To obtain stats in Blogger, you need to set up a Google analytics account and link them together.  Another additional procedure, the purpose of which eludes me.  Surely Google, the king of stats and the organisation responsible for Blogger, would have been a bit keener off the mark and included this function as a par for course, which WordPress does?

So, for the moment, I’m flirting/flitting between the two.

A photo from a long-ago wintry trip to Paris, a city which oozes le séduction, which always puts me in mind of whimsical dalliances.