The Tube

Dear London Underground,

Happy 150th birthday!

There have been inexplicable delays, blackened ‘nose residue’; a one hour halt on the Central line between Liverpool Street and Bank which I endured Elaine Benes-style one rainy Sunday afternoon in 2009 (I’ll not forget!); the cavernous, gleaming Spooks-like interiors of Canary Wharf; the everyone-is-coming-at-me-from-360-degrees hustle and bustle of Liverpool Street and Victoria; the shabby elegance of the District Line stations; lugging airport baggage along the 500m ‘interchange’ at Green Park between the Jubilee and the Piccadilly lines; lots of hellos (and goodbyes) at my most-frequented stations – Bethnal Green, London Bridge, Southwark, Waterloo, Liverpool Street;  the snow days which always brought the Underground to a stop.  And most hilariously, one evening while on the way home, a sonorous announcement: ‘the next train will be delayed due to leaves on the track’.

Yours with great affection,


PS. My, how you’ve grown.










(1889, 1920, 1939 and 1964 from Retronaut; 2012 from TfL)


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