Immersed in Philip Hoare’s magnificent tribute to the Whale, I came across the phrase ‘the era of the Holocene has ended’.  I am not a life sciences student and curiosity piqued, I did a bit of digging.   According to scientists, the Holocene era has existed since 10,000 B.C. until now and has seen the extinction of many animals and plants, no doubt linked to the rise of humans.   It’s a melancholy concept and it is estimated that up to 14,000 species become extinct each year, not least the leviathan of the deep.

My search also led me to Bon Iver’s newish tracks, Holocene, from his latest eponymous album.

The highlight of the video is the starkly beautiful geo primeval landscapes of Iceland.

(book image from philiphoare.co.uk)

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