The Cool and the Pulped

I love January in Australia. Christmas and the New Year might be over, but it’s still summer. The days are long, and hot and spending it in a pool or in a cinema are the only real options to escape the heat. The muted sounds of cricket and/or the tennis on the television provide a comforting drone in the background. And when the evening creeps up, accompanied by the cool change you’ve been waiting for all day, you joyfully throw open the windows to let in the breeze.  The warm temperature, that summery, holiday vibe has even permeated my office.  There are still plenty of things to do but they’re getting done in a slightly more relaxed manner.

A few random photos from the weekend.  Literally, a basketful of apricots from our tree which caused an intense six hour jam-making session on the part of a housemate.  The resulting apricot jam.  The film Gainsbourg.  Apricots, nectarines, muesli and Greek yoghurt for breakfast.

Oh, and I’m a little obsessed with Serge Gainsbourg now.  Beirut’s rendition of La Javanaise is particularly fab.

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