Aah, Christmas. ‘Tis the season of over indulgence, awkward social moments and terrible versions of clichéd songs.   Like millions of folks all over the globe, I headed home for my annual dose, driving the 700 odd kilometres south from Canberra to Melbourne.

When I crested a rise north of Melbourne, seven hours after I began my journey, and saw the city towers rising in the distance, like the spires of Oz, I was well and truly exhausted.   But heartened by the sight of my home city, I turned the music up and headed unerringly for home, like homing pigeons of yore. An hour later, I was settled down at a dinner table heaving with food, wine, aunts, uncles, cousins and the familiarity and ease of people who had known me since I’d drawn my first breath.

And now, the over indulgence is – thankfully – over for another year (bar New Year’s Eve!).  It’s time to sleep, rest, reconnect with friends and family and get ready for the New Year.

And a restful, reinvigorating, lovely holiday season to all!



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