I’ve been feeling despondent of late.

Canberra is, for all intents and purposes, a small, provincial town of 340,000 people.  Much as I’m enjoying work, being fitter than I’ve ever been, the lack of traffic and good, clean, fresh air, family and old friends are a long ways away, and much of what I loved about growing up in Melbourne and living in London can’t be found here.

My mood has coincided with some stormy weather in this part of the world.  During the last week, steady, heavy rain and occasional hail was punctuated by bolts of lightning, rolling bursts of thunder, a temperature drop and only occasional bursts of sunshine.  I was feeling blue and all I could see were grey skies and stormy weather ahead.

And then yesterday, after a day of ominous clouds and hot, humid temperatures, all went dark, stopped and fell silent – a moment of quiet – before, with a roar, the heavens burst open, unleashing sheets and sheets of torrential rain.  The gutters filled, water spewed from storm drains and the roads flooded. Not an unusual happening in tropical parts of the world, but definitely atypical for Australia’s capital.

‘I’ve never seen it rain like this in Canberra before,’ said a friend (a fellow refugee from Melbourne who has lived in Canberra for six years).  We watched cars, their headlights yellow in the purple evening, proceed gingerly through the free-flowing streams snaking across a broad Canberran avenue from his balcony. Earlier, only a quick gutter unblocking had saved his balcony from turning into a swimming pool and then a waterfall onto his neighbour’s balcony below.

And then, as the stormy turbulence ceased and the pounding rain turned into an insistent drizzle, this:

And I was reminded that all storms eventually cease and wondrous things may emerge.


2 Comments to “Rainbow²”

  1. Oh, I love this. Your post has brightened my day.

  2. Thanks, m’dear. See you very soon! x

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