Project: Chair

On a budget and with a specific look in mind for my furniture (shabby chic, provençal/scandinavian beach hut), I’ve been haunting antique/junk/vintage warehouses, and spending not a little amount of time in hardware stores, getting to know products, techniques and picking up tips from staff.

After much research, I decided on a whitewash which needed to be ordered from Sydney. One weekday morning, I turned up before work, suited, to a factory office in Canberra’s industrial district, to pick up the paint. The rather large bloke manning the office looked surprised by my attire but did not blink an eye when taking payment. As I struggled manfully to get the 10 litre tub the fifty metres to my car, I imagine he looked quite amused.

An unfortunate collision between one of my fingers and a serrated knife meant I won’t be able to tackle my bedframe for a few weeks, I’m estimating. But I experimented with a chair I picked up recently for a song at an antique store.

I’m quite pleased with the results.




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