Score! #2 & #3

Rifling through Melbourne’s various second-hand bookshops, it has become clear that my previous score was quite the fluke.  Old Penguins cannot be had for love or money for less than $7.  It is more likely the well-thumbed, slightly grubby condition of the book factored in the $5 price.

In any case, I’ve upped the stakes in my game to Penguins costing no more than $9.  My latest purchases (below) for $7 and $8 respectively.


As you can see, I’m currently on a bit of a DH Lawrence binge.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover was a revelation.  I’m no literary scholar but his beautiful prose, his tender empathy for the plight of women and men and the gulf/bridge between the sexes and the classes, his quiet, incisive observations of the struggle between mind and body, his reverence for the human spirit and the not-so-subtle rants against the industrial age left me moved.  Humbled.  And quite contemplative.

I first read Lady Chatterley’s Lover many years ago, when I was a teenager and remember putting it away, bored, and suspecting,  quite rightly, that I had missed the point.  Now, re-reading it with more years and wisdom in me, it suddenly made beautiful, perfect sense.

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