SAD in Melbourne

I was amused to note the Melbourne newspaper The Age recently give advice to readers suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). According to the article, approximately 4 percent of the (presumably, Australian) population suffers from this disorder and it recommends sufferers undergo bright-light therapy via a lightbox.

I suggest just stepping outside ooh, perhaps during any daylight hour. It might be late autumn but yesterday, it was all light sweaters and mandatory sunglasses as I played flâneur around the streets of Northcote with Natasha and ickle Tatyana.

An ex-flatmate from London suggested these Australian sufferers of SAD come live in a council estate in East London in January. Each day, the London sky is leaden with grey clouds and the only light that you’ve seen all morning, and are likely to see for the rest of the day is the bleak grey haze of deepest, darkest winter. And that only lasts until 4pm each day when evening, and then night sets in. The sun itself hasn’t been seen for weeks on end and is not likely to break through until March. With a morose heart and head, you realise that all you can do is get your head down and try and get through the post-Christmas winter months as best you can and that only a trip out of the country (and possibly a lightbox) would cure your SADness.

Bless the marvellous Australian sunlight.

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