Kitchen Treasure

A friend of mine told me she was off to a Tupperware party on Friday evening.

“Wow, are they back in mode?” I asked.

“I have no idea… but I would like one of their fabulous containers,” she replied.

I guess she didn’t come from a family of sentimental hoarders like I do.  A recent turnout of the kitchen cupboards of my father’s house yielded a multitude of my mother’s Tupperware containers in different shapes, sizes and colours.  I’ve always associated Tupperware with the late 70s, early 80s, garish colours and my mother’s baking.  The containers may look a little worn but are still in great working condition.  And because all things are cyclical, their garish, retro colours are quite now, and I am now the baker in the family.

Excitingly, the kitchen cupboard cleanout also unearthed a Japanese thermos/dispenser in pristine working condition.  It doesn’t seem particularly useful in this day and age but its red, yellow and white flowers will nevertheless be brightening up my kitchen.

Oh, and some noodle and medicinal tea packaging also caught my eye.


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