The Perils of Housework

Last week, I uncharacteristically directed a burst of energy to the activity of mopping.  It had been awhile since the floor had been on the receiving end of a vigorous swab.  And I have always found sweeping motions, if not exactly rock n’roll, conducive to effective contemplation.  So I mopped.  And contemplated.  And afterwards, while making my way gingerly across the damp floor with my Mac, I slipped.

That’ll teach me to mess around with cleaning.

I came out of the incident without a bruise or a scratch.  My pore Mac did not.  I rather suspect I would have preferred it the other way around.  It seemed fine, but for the CD/DVD drive.   It whirred.  It chugged.  It clicked.  It groaned.  And then repeated the entire, noisy, painful process every five minutes.

Driven to distraction, I took it to the Mac Doctor, who diagnosed a complete failure of its ‘Superdrive’ (not quite ‘super’ enough, it seems, to survive a 1.2 metre fall) which it seems, bore the brunt of impact.

And so I am Mac-less while the Superdrive gets sorted out.  Bereft.  Missing an appendage.  And counting the moments until my beloved Mac and I are together again.

In the meantime, I have been getting nostalgic for Europe.  Some of my favourite images below, for the memories and moments they evoke.

Hay-on-Wye, 2003

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2008

Place de La Concorde, Paris, 2003

Le Marais, Paris, 2004

South Downs, England, 2007

Fiesole, Italia, 2003

Pskov, Russia, 2004

The Avignon Festival 2003

Kumaras, Ibiza, 2006

The End of the Road Festival 2008

East London, 2009


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