Boo to the Business World

It was a brief, forgettable foray into the deep, dark, shark-infested waters of commerce.  Enjoyable?  Yes, for the sheer exhilaration of twisting and turning your mind to something new.  But there were long, long hours, constant, unrelenting stress, a vague presentiment of big brother always watching, and the presumption that juniors were there to be shouted and sworn at.

“You don’t seem suited for this environment,” I was told.

I should ruddy well hope not! I thought as I departed, thanking my lucky stars for this narrow escape.

After all, it’s a big, wonderful world out there and life’s too short to put up with toxic, uncivil environments.

Photo of Melbourne taken one summer’s evening.


4 Comments to “Boo to the Business World”

  1. Beautiful scene.
    good shot

  2. Yay to leaving evil workplaces!
    M x

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