A few months ago, Garancedore wrote about a French photographer she met in New York.  A chap who, as it turns out, was carrying a wonderful secret known (prior to Garance’s blog) only to himself and his wife.

You see, his wife had embroidered a heart on the inside of his shirt pocket.  Garance doesn’t say, but I’d like to think it was his left breast pocket, close to his own heart.

More prosaically (handsome French photographers being in short supply in this sleepy, suburban part of the world), I made a similar discovery as I cleaned my childhood toys for storage.  Under her apron and floral dress, my old Raggedy Ann doll was also hiding an embroidered heart.  Which I’d forgotten all about.  Probably embroidered by her maker, whom I’ve never met, but still no less lovely.


Happy Valentine’s Day, and a Happy Year of the Tiger, all!

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