There is not a fashionista alive who doesn’t – unknowingly or not – channel the sexy, tomboyish style of Jane Birkin in her 1960’s heyday.  Those legs!  That fringe!  That smile!  Serge Gainsbourg!  The wicker basket!  The crazy bo-bo lifestyle!

Too busy living life, I imagine, to really bother about clothing, the off-duty Ms Birkin always espoused the ‘less is more’ principle (and, judging from the number of photos of her au naturel, she often took this to the extreme).  Most impressively, she always looked like she was having a grand old time, whatever she was doing.

Besides the timeless chic, that’s something to be emulated.

Non-Jane photos from A.P.C. Spring/Summer ’10.


2 Comments to “Birkinesque”

  1. You know her daughter’s got a new album out? Co-written and produced by Beck, and inspired by MRI scans and near death experiences – sounds quite interesting. I wasn’t crazy about most of her last album, though Everything I Can’t See is a great song.
    Hoppo x

    • Yes, I wasn’t too impressed by 5:55 – although i heard she she admitted that she and the boys from air (who wrote quite a bit of it) didn’t gel all too well? I *cough* enjoyed Madame Bruni-Sarkozy’s effort (and I only lump them together b/c they look quite similar and are both chanteuses) quite a bit more. i have heard good things about charlotte’s new album too. i shall check out the song you mentioned.

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