Sunday Girl

Sundays are for gardens. And for traipsing down garden paths. And tea (in this case, organic chai; I occasionally stray into right-on, hipster territory). And yummy things to eat (a Chinese sesame-sprinkled doughnut and a home-made Greek almond crescent this time). And sunshine. And reading (Françoise Gilot’s account of her Life with Picasso). And revelling in the cool green grass beneath one’s feet.


2 Comments to “Sunday Girl”

  1. Hi Adeline,
    I hadn’t read your blog for a while so just found this entry. So, how was Life with Picasso? I mean the book, not the actual life. We went to the Ateneum museum in Helsinki, which had a huge Picasso exhibition and was quite interesting though this did bring some inconvenience; i.e. waiting outside the museum with a temperature of -12C (they display temperatures on the main square, which is handy). This also left little time and museum space to investigate the rooms with Finnish art. Will put pics of the trip to Finland soon(ish). There was obviously plenty of snow, but also quite a bit of sunshine. Talk soon,

    • salut raph – the book was a great read. it gave lots of insight into his creative process (and his egotism!). it was very neutrally written (she was the mother of claude and paloma and didn’t want them to dislike their father) but very compelling nevertheless. how was helsinki? did you see a moomintroll? while you were waiting in -12 degree weather, I was traipsing around uluru in 40+ temperatures!

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