Girl Friday

Un- and/or semi-employment certainly takes one down paths previously untrod.  Having fallen into a role where I am not, lamentably, capturing Cary Grant’s heart as a feisty, independent, sharp-nosed, story-busting journalist with a cache of quick ripostes (Hollywood shure don’t make dames like Hildy Johnson anymore!) but rather acting as an assistant to a retired businessman (but no less feisty, sharp-nosed and quick-witted as Hildy, I would like to think!), I have:

  • sat in the driver’s seat of a Jaguar (but, unfortunately, did not take it anywhere);
  • been called a ‘whore’ as I walked to work, by a young schoolboy who was, I suspect, attempting to impress his pimply friends with his knowledge about such grown-up matters;
  • drunk my fill and more of a stunning previously unseen panorama of Melbourne city (which I hope to capture soon);
  • looked high and low around the city’s public transport system for a missing bag of the businessman’s friend;
  • been privy to a wonderful cache of old photos taken by a gwai lo (trans. westerner) travelling through China during the 1960s; and
  • realised I will never best a sturdy Romanian woman in a contest of strength.

And re-familiarised myself with Melbourne, of course.


10 Comments to “Girl Friday”

  1. I love the shoes in the ceramic tile picture! Where did you get them. By the way It sounds like life has made you just as spunky as Hildy Johnson. Colleen

  2. Thanks muchly for your kind words, Colleen – I can’t say that I’m not having fun at the moment. As for the shoes, they’re by a French outfit called Soir de Lune. I bought them when I was living in London and I’m not sure you can get them online (and I’ve been searching) but I heartily recommend them. They’re one of my favourite pairs of shoes but alas, alack, they’re a tad too small for me! I wrote about that problem here:

    • Isn’t it interesting the paths we end up walking down, in life? I am sure if you had closed your eyes as a little girl and imagined where you would be a Girl Friday, you would have sked “What is that?’ You my have thought it wouldn’t be exciting at all, but look at you know? think of the fun stories you will beable to pass on to some young thing that doesn’t know what she can do with her life.
      I spend my days working as a nurse in a new born intensive care unit. I have also worked in a peds ICU, in the Adult Trauma unit, and in a pediatric oncology unit.

      • Hi Colleen – well you must have some stories to tell working as a nurse. I certainly can’t complain about my Girl Friday role… my boss is a nice guy, it is in a nice part of the city, and there have been a spate of Seinfeldian moments… which is all a girl could ask for, really!

  3. I like the way you talk/write…

  4. I stumbled upon your blog today. I enjoy it immensely. You write with a refreshing flair and your photos are beautiful.

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Diana!

  6. Your photos truly are stunning, what camera are you working with here?

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