Polly Wanna Cracker

Australian natives birds have been bedeviling my early morning slumber with their raucous feeding chirps, squawks, twitters and in the case of the kookaburra, maniacal cackles. But when you’re up and about and you stumble upon them as you’re going about your daily business, boy, are they something to look at.

A kookaburra sunning itself at Como House.

A sulphur-crested cockatoo gorging itself in a fruit tree.


30 Responses to “Polly Wanna Cracker”

  1. He really is the merry, merry King of the Bush…
    No cockatoos round our way, though the Starlings have arrived for the winter, which is nice.

  2. Kookaburra’s freak me out. They look kind of prehistoric…

    I remember in Davie FL we have flocks of lovebirds and Macaw’s flying around. It felt surreal since they are not native.


  3. That first bird is so adorbale I want to lock him up and pet him all the live long day and make him my best friend in the whole freakin’ world. Uh, I mean, he’s so beautiful and free, how wonderful! 😉


  4. Wonderful and idyllic.

    “Paradise by the dashing bird light … “

  5. Amazing shots. Nature is really something, isn’t she?

  6. I used to have a cockatoo, these pictures remind me of him 🙂

  7. I love our native birds, I really miss their sound when I travel (yes, even in the morning!). My favorite is the Magpie.

  8. I”m with you, absolutely love our native birds even if they do start their calling at 0430. My favourite is the cockatoo. Love their attitude.

  9. must be great seeing these amazing birds. i wouldn’t mind seeing these lovely birds out free

  10. i had a parrot before. he could not speak and it was ok! but his feathers were everywhere!! Gosh!! And he began to sing in 6am!

  11. I can’t even fathom having wildlife this interesting. The bushy tailed grey squirrel is about as exotic as we get here.

  12. We’ve got a male Koel making himself known before dawn for the last few weeks. He’s pretty stealthy, high up in the trees… so I haven’t been able to get a picture of him yet 😦

  13. the cockatoos are pretty unabashed with their feeding. i was within 2 metres of them with my camera and they still carried on feeding. the kookaburra was a little more shy and that’s when my zoom lens came into it’s own! my favourite aussie birds are the the pink and grey galahs – but they’re immensely shy and have flown off as soon as i began rummaging for my camera.

  14. прекрасный блог

  15. I looked out of my window this morning and saw a pigeon… London doesn’t quite compare!

  16. The Kookaburra along with the other birds of Australia may be noisy, but they certainly are fantastic. Loved them when we spent time in Sydney. There is nothing like them in the USA, and Oregon seems rather dull. Loved your shots. Colleen

  17. Nice tweetie-pie! He has fabulous hair don’t you think?

  18. @Colleen: We may not have anything this interesting here, but a co-worker from Belgium tells me he and his family are enamored of our hummingbirds which apparently they don’t have over there. So Oregon does have its charms 😉

    I’ve never been to Australia, it seems like another planet from here! LOL

  19. @Flower Boy, yes he does have fabulous hair!
    @Colleen and Digital Dame, I lived in London for seven years and when I returned, even I thought i’d landed on another planet seeing all these crazy-looking colourful birds. (Although i note that I’m currently out in the ‘burbs, next to a rather large park where there are possums galore, water birds, eels and apparently koalas and that I think seeing all this wildlife may not be normal if you’re living inner city). I’ve not been to Oregon but my father has and he tells me he loves the wildlife there, esp. the deer.
    @Tuf, London may not compare with crazy prehistoric looking birds, but I always found the squirrels – yes, even the grey ones – quite cute (and bold).

    • Oh yes Oregon does offer some most amazing photo ops! I work at Oregon Health Sciences University, as a nurse. I am on the 12th floor, and the hospital sit high on the top of a hill that over looks the willemette Valley. I get to see the sun rise over Mt. Hood in the mornings, SPECTACULAR!!!, and of course there is the ocean scenes that fillmy photo albums. If you ever want to come to Oregon, and want to enjoy Portland, let me know. Colleen

    • nausicaa88, I know just what you mean. I have been to many parks in London, and yes, the simple pleasure of seeing the world through the eyes of a bushy tailed squirrle does give one a sense of contentedness. Isn’t it a shame that more pleasures in life can’t be a simple yet recognized for the profound element since they are part of the life experience. Colleen

  20. Whew. I thought Don was going to say, “haven’t been able to get a ~shot~ at him yet” … ! ;-

  21. Very beautiful! I love my birds! I have many feathered friends….. even a Turkey Vulture Showed up on my patio… first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was this huge Turkey Vulture looking at me! For a second made me want to check and see if I was still breathing… like did he know something that I didn’t know! Yes, Nature is grand! Thank you for sharing!… :} … Lila

  22. How cute is that kookaburra. I just wonder what will happen to this world as these exotic birds are nearing extinction. 😦

  23. My mom keeps a lot of exotic birds at home in mexico.. I wonder what would she give to look at this birds everyday..
    OH MY..

  24. Have any of you been buzzed by the cerlews. I loved them at the Botonical Garden in Sydney, and of courase the parks. The Bats in the Botonical Gardens really creeped me out. Colleen


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