Road Trip

Raphael of Limoges (by way of London) was in town for the weekend. And what better way to show him Australia than by roadtrip? We drove around this beautiful coastline (and had to change a flat tyre), stopped by this café in Woodend, got lost here and descended via the steep way mountain-goat style, leaping and sidling from ledge to ledge, admired the genteel mansions here.  And finally, as Sunday afternoon shadows lengthened, stumbled across this gorgeous little winery owned by the friendly Hudspeth Stevenson family and indulged in the good life.

And, in the balmy, golden sunlight under the shade of a tree, we toasted London friends who are no doubt battening down the hatches for the oncoming winter, with a little sparkling,

Idyllic, really.


10 Comments to “Road Trip”

  1. Well, the fallen leaves in St Pancras churchyard were being scooped up and put into sacks as I walked through this morning, revealing the grassless earth underneath – evidently it is the policy of London Borough of Camden Council, or possibly the parks authority, that Autumn should be ushered out the door post haste in order to allow us to enjoy an especially long winter.
    Or it could be just to prevent the leaves from turning into a treacherous slurry underfoot.
    Either way, there is little denying that for London, the summer is a long, long way away, and while I find the idea of Christmas in summertime both weird and unnatural, I must admit, it looks pretty damn nice where you are…
    M x

  2. it definitely doesn’t feel like christmas here (apart from the street decorations), and I do miss autumn in london (hackney council usually allows the leaves to stay on the pavements and streets for you to kick through, and then belatedly gathers them into piles, also for you to kick through) b/c there is nothing more satisfying than swishing through a pile of autumn leaves. But yes, it was pretty good out in the country. The area around Macedon (where the winery was situated and where Picnic at Hanging Rock is set) reminded me of the Dordogne. However, it is not so nice in the ‘burbs atm where it is in the late 30s.

  3. Yeah, the late 30s were miserable weren’t they? All those fascists and that AWFUL depression…

  4. Anyway, seeing as it’s summer over there here is a little treat in the form of the new Vampire Weekend single vid – it’s ace!–vampire-weekend-cousins

  5. oh you history boffin! touché, nevertheless! the vampire weekend video was quite pleasant… but i’m not sure about the song… maybe it will grow on me, but on first listen, it’s no a-punk!

  6. I have only listened to it once, myself, but I think it’s very promising.

  7. Your photography is fantastic.

  8. Thanks for your kind words, Joseph.

  9. Just got to check the pictures now; lovely pics and the ones of the waterfall are particularly good. Autumn in London seems very much over actually, the trees in Tufnell Park are totally treeless by now.

  10. thanks, raph! the waterfall pics involved a bit of processing work to sort out the contrast and the lightness. aah the london winter… i always found november/december quite lovely b/c you could get really christmasy with the weather and the mulled wine! but january/february – no, i don’t miss those months at all! i do quite like the bare trees (leafless rather than treeless, non?) b/c of the delicate lines of the branches… and it always made you appreciate them in spring and summer, and autumn much better!

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