Toasty Textiles

The sun came out yesterday.  Excitedly, I piled out, with my cup of tea, some needlework and various bits and bobs, for a leisurely al fresco day, so my chilled limbs could soak up the well-missed sunshine and my skin could absorb some Vitamin D.

Approximately ninety minutes later, I became aware that the pleasant warmth had deteriorated into a vague discomfort.  I realised then that there were distinctive tan lines where my shorts ended and my thighs and arms had turned an unhealthy-looking lobster pink.  I scrambled out of the direct sunlight and spent the rest of the afternoon underneath the shade of the verandah.  A mistake to think that the harsh Australian sun is anything like its gentler European cousin.

On the other side of the world, the Toast Winter 2009/10 catalogue is out.  And reminds me of the snug, bright glow of October days in East London, spent tramping through piles of red, orange and gold leaves while swaddled against the oncoming chill in soft, warm woollens, a scarf artfully wound around one’s neck and a thick coat.

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Picture 2

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