A New Focus

Until recently, my photography has centered around what I found to be interesting, quirky, breathtaking sights and scenes around my base of London, and the various cities I travelled to.    But my wanderlust has been sated – for the moment – and having returned to Melbourne, Australia to put down some firmer roots, my travels look to be limited in the near future.  With loads of spare time at the moment (Australia may not technically have entered a recession, but things are certainly slow job-wise), I’ve started to work on my photography in earnest.  Before, I’d considered the camera a way of recording my holiday snaps, social occasions with family and friends, a tool for recording memories.  Now – and it has been evolving in this way for a while, although with no end goal in mind (as it should do with anyone who likes taking pictures, I guess) – I’m beginning to view it it as a way of capturing my own, little perception of the world.  Photography for photography’s sake, rather than a feverish, ultimately futile attempt to catalogue and store precious memories.

Currently, I’m a little hooked on making my photos look as vintage as possible.  Blame it on the return to the city, the house, the room I grew up in.  Where ghosts of myself at various ages nostalgically greet me at every turn.  The subjects aren’t particularly exciting – a gorgeous pear tree flowering in the heat of the bright Australian afternoon sun, the same sun glinting through the trees on a nearby lake, a field of long grass which could be anywhere in the world.

But it’s home.


2 Comments to “A New Focus”

  1. Ghosts indeed! Everywhere! Arrgh!

  2. but the weather is ACE! how you doing?

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