Ms Bradshaw

As gay as pink suede!
~Carrie Bradshaw, Season 2, Sex and the City

The kooky queen-of-all-things-vintage and empress-of-needless-boy-related-melodrama has certainly made me look at my fuschia suede Chie Mihara’s in a new light. The bright raspberry colour, the solid, ergonomic block heel, the gentle scalloped edges, the plump toe… certainly the lines hark back to those of shoes of the 1930s and 1940s.

But gay?

Of course I could see a certain type of man flouncing about in them. But I could see this man also flouncing about in any number of of shoes which I owned – the black pumps with a leather bolero frill, the bright red wedges, the slightly chunky shiny mustard coloured bright gold buckled brogues…

Ah.  I’m seeing a certain trend here.  All these shoes are, shall we say, of a flamboyant variety.  Which does not, in any way, exclude sassy, glamourous girls from loving and wearing them.

Or perhaps I just have a wardrobe full of gay men’s footwear!

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