Heaven forfend, you should call me a bibliomaniac.  History abounds with dastardly fiends who have stolen, been excommunicated or even wreaked war all in the name of fuelling their book fetish. The most anyone could accuse me is of accidentally absorbing people’s books into my collection. And in my defence, I shall note that any number of folk have absorbed my books into their libraries!

But I do love a good book. And one with a beautifully-designed cover even more so. My ‘to-be-reads’ (currently numbering approximately 30) sitting in a pile by my bed never fails to give me an incredible sense of geekish comfort. And one day, I shall have a room lined with shelves from floor to ceiling and each shelf shall be filled with book upon book upon book…

Since returning to Melbourne, I have wondered how I would to fuel my bibliomaniacal book hoarding tendencies.  At an average of AUD$30 per paperback, books in Australia are horrendously pricey, compared to the United Kingdom where, if you time things right, you can pick up a great read for around £7-£8.  But fortunately, I recently came across this place.  A glass facade and a long floor-to-ceiling window means you are not stumbling around an enclosed, airless flourescent-illuminated space so typical of the usual discount book store.  Wooden shelving displays modern editions of books old and new – all with gorgeous covers (I noted many editions by Vintage).  Again, quite atypical of a discount book store.  And with the average paperback price of AUD$10 and friendly staff, you couldn’t really ask for more.  In short, a discount book store like one I have never come across before.

And so (*hands rubbing together in glee*) my dream of a library which will one day eventually conquer the world remains unchecked!

Here are a few recent biblio-themed photos.

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